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The Game of Games. The Game of Tyne & Wear Metro.

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Looking around for pop-cultural references to give the noble game a populist sheen to entice bids from sponsors, I notice that the Sunderland  Empire is roughly midway between the Sunderland and Park Lane stations. Therefore, in this game we shall add an extra rebuff and advantage to any player who pulls off the double of Sunderland to Park Lane in 3 moves. I'm sure I don't need to spell out the advantages that could confer on the quick and the brave amongst you...

Kenton Bank Foot.
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Unlike Mornington Crescent, the adjudicator is not banned from taking part as a player in Simonside. This is based upon the principle that the adudicator, being of absolute srupulousness, would never abuse their position in a matter of judgement.

Therefore I say:

Whitley Bay.
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As you may know, this community has been established by and for those who want to play the noble game of Simonside with others.

As mentioned in the Community Info, we play by the 1943/7/43B Ruleset predominantly, but feel free to begin games based on other variants - just be sure to state which ruleset or playbook will be used, otherwise players may get confused.

There's nothing worse than being able to see Simonside in four utilising the 'quadrilateral on rebuff from nip' offensive, only to find that the adjudicator was using the Mezger '96 Variant!

Enjoy yourselves, and good hunting!
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